The Embrace of Perpetual Sunshine

Today’s sunshine is pretty then the last

There is something horrific about tomorrow

It comes while we are waiting for it

Like glimmers of inevitability, necessary movement

Until we are as helpless as we were yesterday

Pondering the windows, I see

Through the lives of who we were

It is not important, people

Come and go, like the sunshine

Today’s sunshine is prettier perhaps

It is all a matter of perspective

To let things get so bad, until

We can no longer continue on the same

Like a love that outlives it’s muse

Like a life that no longer has purpose

Will the sun ever tire of her extraordinary plots?

All the creatures that prosper under his thrills

Light, the bare necessity, the heightened suspense

Of the pure sunshine of brighter necessities

Where we lay down in the nude, for futurity –

To become a new person, to reincarnate. 

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