Like Immigrants of Imagination


It is a freewheeling dance
Of where I begin, and where you end
Frail and florid
Free and restless
Is the plain between
You and I, these liquid eyes

We share like our blue souls
Reflected from another world
We see forgotten countries
Mirrored between the inches
That separate our hand-held
Joy-madness, at the edge of dawns

Waiting as if for endless time
To tell us we reached infinity
This is our Milky Way
The space that envelopes
Our child, time will slowly crush us
Make us gasp down spirals of joy

Seasons of the premonition
Of shared lucid absurdities
It is a freewheeling dance
This poetry truth between us
I am a child in those countries
Where you accompany me in harmony

There like in streams of pleasant literature
We go safe inhabited by tender
Gentle wanderings, intense pleasures
Ready to explode in subtle easy nearness
Stripped of youthful illusions
We work on the same isle of destiny
Married to beauty, immigrants in imagination.

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