In The Burning Cosmos Nobody is Safe


The old lights are broken
Politics, religion, corporations, nations
They have no conscience

Lawyers, bankers, profiteers!
Will from individual truth
Breeds corruption beyond repair
A system of mutual exploitation

This is the house our fathers built
Where wealth is invented and the masses
Are used as economic soldiers
To be sacrificed, replaced by robots

The lights are broken
Leadership, Presidents, News, Propaganda
Even the internet is being monitored
All your texts, every word

The Governments are turning on their people
It is legal to blind sight your own citizens
Who you are meant to protect, you rob

The old lights are broken
You might not realize, you might not care.

P.S. Inspired by my favorite wordpress poet, the brilliant psycho-political poet Alicakhoo

7 thoughts on “In The Burning Cosmos Nobody is Safe

  1. This is really cool—very good description of the Post-Modern crisis. These are exciting times, but they are scary times—Nietzsche’s age of nihilism, with science as the new unifying truth, and rationalist objectivism as the defining perspective. This cannot continue indefinitely.

    By the way, thank you for visiting my page and liking my posts!

  2. Im curious, is the Image confiscated thing the imige you put up, if so its a excellent idea, if not it was obviously a excellent pic, your words work well with it also. The Government should fear the people, the people should not fear the government, but it is happening.


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