Mapping That Which Brought Forth Honey


It’s breathwork to play with syntax
Like underwater synastry of phrasing
The cadence is a cukoo of metre

I refuse consensus of syllable-count
I’m articulate without parameters
A free-verse bird’s call, a terrible fret

Of the higher forms of expression
A particular stanza, the way the wind blows
Agreeable in a certain slant of light

It’s breathtaking to shape music
And juggle fiction like ethereal plot
The trees, they have a last-chance

Threshold of dispossessing the wind
The poet, purifies language
In ceremony that ponders our hulking innocence

Those parts in us which are still raw
To the core of world-class lyrical topography.

Lyrics Gravitate Within


I perish with wishful recitation
Each word is a trance to

An Audience scattered
In time & space, the last frontier
Of the Theatre of the self
Is to write, the Owner cannot shut

The transaction with Eternity
We are the Drama arisen –
With a solitary acre of purposeful design
Love Maintains her themes in us

And our God is of a General Nature
We obey laws of congruency
A presence of Departed acts
Remains with us like a karmic trace

There is no adequacy in art
Only lessons and beloved topics
Poetry doesn’t have to enact beliefs
But only portray adjusted Dynasties
Nobody is exempt from Change.

Lament of Individual Freedom


Love walked alone
With a companion of the Self
That wore a heart of pain
In a name, a vacant horizon

Without a descendant line
Love walked alone
Accosted by harsh individualism
Autonomy became an exaggeration

Of running strong without limitation
Love walked alone
With no common goods
Of things to trade from the heart

Life became an anonymous journey
With a lonely middle without reward.

The Riddle of Transience


Give me my amber revelations
A new territory of realism
Exhilarate my destiny into a new order
Of maturity, where I can confirm
The victories of my simple life

My period of prayers has passed
I need to act like an unbroken settler
With more determination
To prove myself in my own esteem!
Give me gigantic sums of obstacles

That I too might know the Common Bliss
The golden mean of happiness
My noon has come to dine, these
Are the prime years of my adulthood
Show me my capacity to live fully

Transplanted from a thousand roads
Life – is a different thing – in these new years
Enough about Bodiless Campaigns
The trial of visions left astray
The Solstice of biology urges me forward
On the last day, of the Spring of my life.