Like a Mother of Fasting


Close your mouth to bread
Open your heart to water
Acquire a delight without purpose
In you thrives majestic Silver

Look into the gentle faces
Ignore the sugars and soldiers
Take the wheat of the spirit
And play it like a harp for harvests

Of feeling, Eden of humanity
For Utopia is not a place or a time
It is a state of being, the green-gold mines
Of living, fasting and moistening

Giving without bartering
Finding freedom without grasping
Close your eyes to discord
Seek out intoxicated signs of harmony.

9 thoughts on “Like a Mother of Fasting

      • wasn’t it Suzuki Roshi who said “in the mind of the beginner there are many possibilities, but in the mind of the expert there are very few?” 😉

        the Foole is free to sing to stars & dance in heaven’s drunken flame!

        (hmm… sounds like a poem…;)

        I am honored to make your acquaintance, and to have the opportunity to enjoy your work!

      • I can drink to that! I am on the path of the unlearning art, the death of the ego, in a lifetime of self-transcendence and perhaps, neglect of worldly ambition.

        Were you always like this?

      • no! as I once told my oldest son, we spend the first half of our lives “growing up”, the second half in getting over it!

      • chatting with you inspired me… look out tomorrow for a poem entitled “Climb” – its dedicated to you!

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