Many a Bard’s Untimely Gifts

My heart is what it was before
A place that treasures from afar
To mirror goodness, with dreamy ambiguity
I have no sense, but alms of love

I am internal spring, in all four seasons
I water love and it turns south
A stomping ground for weary travelers
My heart is what it was before

I light the lamp and lay the cloth
For picnics with Beloveds, some of whom
Leave before they take a bite
I loved the beggars that I fed

Because I knew what it meant, to be hungry
I set a bowl before their step, and cherished
Them, before they found greener fields
I watched them prosper, and hint at leaving

I scattered crumbs for their departure
My heart is what it was before
The guarding source, the smile that saves
I know the coming and the going, intimately

Of seasons and lovers and friends
People seek plots to flourish forever
My heart was not built to last forever
It was made to scream to God, enjoy nature’s fruit.

10 thoughts on “Many a Bard’s Untimely Gifts

  1. Hi Wuju 🙂 You are very talented and such an awesome poet it’s a pity the words get lost by some of the images you choose to use at times. I still love all your poems as shocking and as provocative as the images can be… Tone down on the images a little and let your poems shine. Your poems are beautiful 🙂 (Somethings should be sacred, image offensive 😦

      • Thank you Wuji 🙂 I really appreciate that… I don’t mind nudity… I think nudity is beautiful …It’s just the vulgarity of that image that bothered me. That was very nice of you to take that image down. I really love your poems.

    • We all have opinions huh… What is opinions if we can’t share them…
      I really like Wuji poems… I can identify with is poems but this image offended my senses. Just my opinion and I guess I am not the only one because someone rated it 2 stars… As I said before somethings are sacred… 🙂 peace and love

      • Yes Divine, be careful, I post a lot of so called offensive material. It was me, who rated that poet low, I wasn’t mightly pleased with it 😛

        Have a sweet night!

    • Well for what it’s worth, I’m too inhibited to write a decent erotic poem! Shame on me, I’m just a prude trying to learn how to be in touch with my sexuality…

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