Hey, Poor-Sustenance, Over Here!


Hey, I’m only semi-literate/
Barely enough to call myself ‘educated’
Be easy on me, as I try to
Understand your chimera-rambling

Your trance of miscarriages/
Your letters home, to God
When you are so clearly
An atheist, with your couldn’t-care-less

Attitude, you run circles around me/
With your worldly wisdom
Hey, I’m barely street-smart, at all
I’ve never touched a dolphin

Or hitch-hiked across a country in revolt!
I haven’t worked the Corporations like you have
Haven’t seen the bright lights
Hey, I’m pretty much a goat herder

Of idle dreams, a feigned lunatic/
A scholar that leans on stars
So distant, I can only read child-notes
I have a Ph.D in obscurity, and innocence

I know the code forbids, that you kiss/
A white boy on the mouth, but perhaps
You can make an excuse, of how ‘we’ came to pass
And make up a story of what happened to me

After you left me stung as a bee might sting/
The lips of Socrates, you know me well enough I guess
To know what you are leaving
Hey, I wish you well, you are

The mother of false starts/
And the best Lover I ever had.

4 thoughts on “Hey, Poor-Sustenance, Over Here!

  1. Wow! I LOVE this! “a goat herder of idle dreams!” what a fantastic line. You’ve certainly touched my heart here!

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