These Heroics of May


The sun is alive in my belly/
My navel of blowing May
The soft gold of my birth-month
I’ve waited for this

Over fields where I turned/
Your bronze name in my head
Over and over, like buds and springs
Of all the loves I have ever witnessed

The high stars maintain/
The dripping hope of last-songs
Today’s melody, well it’s for Spring
I am fixed in her like a Galaxy

The secret of her fragile skies is this –
That I’ve had a shinning head
For outrageous dreams
As the smallest movements in my mouth

May is for heroic kissing/
For lovers who burn with lucid plundering
To build new lives
Where we have once been cheated
To replace that with fertility.

5 thoughts on “These Heroics of May

  1. Wuji, beautiful poetry…you are so amazing! The images…the lines of wonder…so alive with feeling! Lovely!
    Regarding awards, this is what I have come to know about them: (1)People can create an award and then begin it and pass it to those they deem worthy; (2)Once you receive an award, then you follow the simple rules for each award and nominate other bloggers that you think deserve the same award; (3) it is a way for bloggers to become acquainted with other bloggers.
    Personally, I love them! Especially, when one is beginning to put one’s writing out there–it is a confidence builder for we ego-driven mortals. I love them for another reason—it leads me to actively seek out other bloggers and read their writings–it serves to build a strong writing community….and I am all about sharing the love crystals! LOL…I will be sending you an award soon…then you will see firsthand what it is like.

    • Olivia, that’s a beautiful description of what the awards do and mean, thank you so much. I loved your message! Feel free to add my on facebook, info is on my about page.

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