When Geography Meets Biography


My sky, lights up with questions/
When I am with you
Like an applause meter of naturalness
Acceptance, is a beautiful thing

With references, of quiet friendship/
I don’t need clever turns of phrase
But simplicity, that spells out the
Beautiful names, like laughter unbidden

I’d cherish that, like lightning/
Out on the evening veranda
Or raindrops heavy with moisture
That long for the ground, the quiet Earth

So strong and stable, so in need/
Of a little water, that’s how I am with you –
A running light, of golden miles
As far as the eyes can see, it’s comforting

To know, that I can find contentment/
Light-jeweled in the parks
Turning in only conversation, forth & replied
Like a deeper comfort into the night.


2 thoughts on “When Geography Meets Biography

  1. I find myself looking at the sky a lot lately. The last time I look at the sky this much was probably as a very very child. Something about that sky … 🙂 . Anyways another great poem.

  2. can I ask a stupid question? why do you end the first line of each stanza with a “/”? I’m interested because I believe punctuation – at least in poetry – can serve not only a grammatical function, but also serve as indicators for musical pacing.

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