Your Surroundings Don’t Matter


God is with me everywhere
So then why do I seek seclusion?
I would be safer among the people
If my heart is broken, I shall still
Know Divinity, if the people
Disrespect me, who am I to fault?
God is in everything, in market-demon
And false Politician, in ruthless Corporations
God is with me in everything I see
She is not distracted by a multitude of things
Like attachments, preferences, routines
I seek her out in human beings
Hoping she will show me glimmers of truth
Leave me messages of delight, carelessly
In short split-second smiles and in
The wisdom of strangers, that is why
I love God in the people, miracles in vulnerability.

8 thoughts on “Your Surroundings Don’t Matter

  1. “I seek her out in human beings.” I’ve been unwell this past year and have been witness to angels all around me. Though occasionally fear visits me; I know I am not alone. What you wrote reached the core of my being; belief.

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