May Dressed in White

Happy birthday May, birth month
I will always bring you poems
You are the stranger in my bed

Of buds, Spring, better days
How I have clamored after you
In sleep-whispering, felt melodies

Drift of faces I can no longer kiss
Happy birthday May, I am getting older
Songs fluttering away, washed in gold-fire

Excluded is my grief, on the thighs
Of women that come and go –
Happy birthday May, I’ve lost dignity

In the mourning-songs of another broken-hearted
Winter, recover me all in white
That I might be again, a Lover of the Beloved

The next woman to love me, will be my Loyalty
I shall name the mountains after her
Peacocks will drown in the melting throne
Of her lap of sensual Queenly thighs.

5 thoughts on “May Dressed in White

      • I’ve been reading some of your other works and honestly, some days I feel like I’m sitting in the “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” audience! lol I often feel that way actually….some of the poets I share this platform with leave me speechless, the depth of the writing denies my simple comments and I feel it best to read, enjoy and leave it at that!

      • I do not quite follow, you mean to say that I’m obscure? hehe. Well I may not be your ordinary blog poet I suppose.

      • No ,not obscure, just….HA! This is what I mean. Words. Freaking words. Those who are able to string them together with more finesse and intellect than I tend to leave me with the joy of reading, BUT I don’t quite feel qualified to comment? Does that make any sense?

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