How Lovely Now are Little Things

I am swept in silence dear
With beauty swept clean
Alone in my little summer green

Give me the old silence of
The little wood, like childhood
Where grass is quieter than the sun

I am swept in holy silence dear
With dearest hopes dead love
Unable to recapture Spring memories

Of years passed, I walk now aerial
I drown in the leaves of surrender
Nature takes me smelling the days

Past the brief snatches of wonder that I knew
I am swept in silence dear
There is nothing left of me

But trunks of rain, running wood
That catches the roots of scents.

My Best Breaths Have Blown

Now all the garden tires of the sun
What we most wanted, burns
Like the gulls of empty years

Till Autumn sings summer’s missed dawns
Life is too casual for me
The petals are destroyed of

My favorite beauty
The sun burns on a rose
Where my face and idealism once lay

August comes as quick as May
Now all the garden tires of the sun
My skin dreams of the woman

I used to know, time sings and I close my eyes
To the touch of the ache of empty years
Hours I dream alone, my love it fades.

You Sealed my Unearned Dreams

I saw you powerful I saw you happy
Without me, on your own
In the sleepy orchards of your maturity
I still imagine myself, with you

Like a silent movie
Wedding processing, my dream
You who illumine the night
Fed by rivers, you make

Invisible steps up the mountain
The world grows fond in your arms
With light and splendour
I saw you powerful I saw you happy

Outside of my possessing
A dance of seven veils
Silence from your left-handed touch
I can’t live in poems knowing

That I still love you, you put an end
To dreaming in me, with your
Aloof and endless perfect weather.