My Best Breaths Have Blown

Now all the garden tires of the sun
What we most wanted, burns
Like the gulls of empty years

Till Autumn sings summer’s missed dawns
Life is too casual for me
The petals are destroyed of

My favorite beauty
The sun burns on a rose
Where my face and idealism once lay

August comes as quick as May
Now all the garden tires of the sun
My skin dreams of the woman

I used to know, time sings and I close my eyes
To the touch of the ache of empty years
Hours I dream alone, my love it fades.

One thought on “My Best Breaths Have Blown

  1. My goodness, there must have been one special woman in your life. Such an outpouring of love and intensity. I wonder if this former flame reads your heartfelt poetry. Unrequited love, a terrible thing that tends to linger.

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