The Return

Dear, the road is long yet
Don’t go so near, the end of hope
Write your address
I will come find your soul
Pick it up from the weary journey
Lifting the transparent storm-curtain
From the graveyard of your self-pity
Dear, I’ve lived there too
Don’t be so brave to play with doom
Tell me your greatest pain
And I shall melt it with my love
The quiet enduring friendly voice
You’ve heard me before
A green disk of land, an Oasis
There, you will leave your
Weary dreams, to my bronze drum
And we shall dance, until eternity.

Love By Itself

I think I have not learned
Not after all this living
Love by itself
Is what drove me
In a denial of self
I found Love sitting by itself
I have struggled towards the light
And she said, ‘bathe in darkness’
Until you flower spontaneously
I think I have not learned
How to bleed color
Across the years
My fragrance is only
The Spring dandelion
A stunning weed I think
I have been shaped intimately
By the acts of others upon me
A few I led into the blooming fields
I think I have not learned
Not even truly how to love.

The Generations

My dark eyes came from dark nights
The story from which I had to arrive
I turn my face of silence aside
To the center direction, inside
There is no solace in this world for me
I however use my darkness
To look for light, where the galaxy
The stars which are my eyes
Burn for life, life’s funny games
In the places where the night
Grows darkest, I have survived
My dark eyes come into densest night
Lamps crowd together as lovers
Who dream an hour by necessity
To exchange some light and darkness
The story from which we depart.