The Return

Dear, the road is long yet
Don’t go so near, the end of hope
Write your address
I will come find your soul
Pick it up from the weary journey
Lifting the transparent storm-curtain
From the graveyard of your self-pity
Dear, I’ve lived there too
Don’t be so brave to play with doom
Tell me your greatest pain
And I shall melt it with my love
The quiet enduring friendly voice
You’ve heard me before
A green disk of land, an Oasis
There, you will leave your
Weary dreams, to my bronze drum
And we shall dance, until eternity.

7 thoughts on “The Return

      • What I enjoy most about your posts is that they immediately grab my attention and while I’m trying to absorb what you said, I’m racing to get through it. It’s an honor to know you value my opinion, I’m humbled.

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