There was a blue butterfly
He was attacked by the rain
As when the field turned twilight
Like when you left me
I was advanced, made of wings
The thick vaults of my heart
Fluttered, for summer late
The sky electrocuted
The might of my aim
Little metal blue dust antennae
Girls advanced to crush me
In their palms, I was a blue butterfly
Without a name, only stars
Knew I was here at the window
Whispering your name
It didn’t matter to anyone that
I was broken, I commanded weeds
And webs and freedom until
I lost sight of the reason I had been born
Like a dry silver moth against
The green grass, I was once
A blue butterfly, falling ribbons of silk
Those I would eat, watching you happy
Rain floating through the seasons
I hardly travelled at all in the
Pure style of passing years
With no memory of wings or worship
Only the faint tingling of blue at my sides.

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I Stumbled Against Your Mouth


We walk between words
As if they were trees, impermanent
Our roads are growing things
Exploring origins

I share you with history/
I listen for your tidings
Star-pierced and sweet
To find you is to find the ocean

Across disjointed sentences
The language beyond singleness
The wanting mouth
Is an empathy of deep psychology

The language of the body/
Tells a lot of flowers and seeds
We walk between words
As if they were stone, separating us

We stepped on each other
To reach somewhere, horizons
Reading or loving could only presume
To reach the growth of living things.

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Breath Seized from Lung Where Foam-White Pencil Flew


Death halves us with every loss
Divided we lose each an encore
The dwarf memories
Do not suffice, we remember
Wrong, we suffer those wrongs

Still – Our narrowness we become less
In age, after grief, we love not
The same, we were grandeur once
We fled into each other, for a time
Brief like the pain halved

Dividing our sorrow we walked on
Without choice, beneath the common tide
The world swallowed us up
In days of absence, disbelief
Shock, tension, the past’s separation-plots

The curve of love had mountains to move
And seas to drown ourselves in
After grief, there is clapping hands
New faces in this exultant community
This countryside of loves

With each relationship or friend
A bit more sinister, a bit less real
I still wail inside for you
But you no longer have ears for me
Because I have died to you
But my feelings will never die.


Born by a Whim

The nailed roof of my heart
Is overvast with rain
Dust to clean
These bitter fruit away
I summon the sun’s lion paws
To scratch my fate
Back into blood-alignment
My heart hath
No commentary left
But stolen music
From lost noons
Notes from the moon
Momentary words
Writ on cold stone
My bustling boughs
Are an umbrella to nobody
I cannot protect myself
The mad intensity of
My soul will kill me
With lips against the glass
And youth letting the light out
My inward eyes are
Always crying
I’ve learned how to hate
Through so much love
Baring no cruel intent
I have been corrupted
By women and their calculation
The ice moves near
The center of my pain
I am now a male courtesan
With a secret contempt
For the revelation of the game
And the character is me
The heartbroken break hearts
An all-too-eager willingness
To polish youthful bodies
With the glow of centuries.

I’ve Caught the Scent of Last Year, It Tastes Like Stone

You do not have to love me/
I don’t think you ever did
I was born to follow you
And I was born for you to
Leave me behind, so it is

I wrote all these songs for you
Too sad for you to ever read
You sharpened the man in me
With scolding and rejection
I was born like a new poem
Dressed by the wind
The sky didn’t care your eyes
Were bloodshot, from the life you led
I was caught in the sundrift
Of your belly stepping into a new life

You do not have to love/
I don’t think you ever could
I am still caught in last year
With the taste of mud and stone
For forest said, never mind, I am as old
As your gossiping about a woman
I was born to live after you
To outlive you, for you to haunt me
I wrote all these songs for you
But you never liked poetry.

I Have to Call you My Cruellest Hand of Fate


I touched you once too often
Disappeared into the boundary
That was your face, your thoughts
I called my soul back all night
But it was lost, lost in you
I thought I’d leave this morning
For good, but you kicked me out instead
I touched you once too often
Though silently you pretended to understand
In leaving I realized you hadn’t a clue
So I emptied out your drawer
Of all the life I gave to you
You hardly stooped to pick it up
All the sacrifice I offered you
In listening to your stories of pain
I aged two years after you
In the six months of heart-break
I touched you once too often
When I was with you, and when we were apart
The last time I saw you
You shamed me for good.