There was a blue butterfly
He was attacked by the rain
As when the field turned twilight
Like when you left me
I was advanced, made of wings
The thick vaults of my heart
Fluttered, for summer late
The sky electrocuted
The might of my aim
Little metal blue dust antennae
Girls advanced to crush me
In their palms, I was a blue butterfly
Without a name, only stars
Knew I was here at the window
Whispering your name
It didn’t matter to anyone that
I was broken, I commanded weeds
And webs and freedom until
I lost sight of the reason I had been born
Like a dry silver moth against
The green grass, I was once
A blue butterfly, falling ribbons of silk
Those I would eat, watching you happy
Rain floating through the seasons
I hardly travelled at all in the
Pure style of passing years
With no memory of wings or worship
Only the faint tingling of blue at my sides.

Photography Credits:

11 thoughts on “Blue

  1. I woke up this morning thinking of blue… like a small blue thing… suzanne vega song
    I wished to write a poem about this small blue thing… but I didn’t have to because it has already been written.

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