Born by a Whim

The nailed roof of my heart
Is overvast with rain
Dust to clean
These bitter fruit away
I summon the sun’s lion paws
To scratch my fate
Back into blood-alignment
My heart hath
No commentary left
But stolen music
From lost noons
Notes from the moon
Momentary words
Writ on cold stone
My bustling boughs
Are an umbrella to nobody
I cannot protect myself
The mad intensity of
My soul will kill me
With lips against the glass
And youth letting the light out
My inward eyes are
Always crying
I’ve learned how to hate
Through so much love
Baring no cruel intent
I have been corrupted
By women and their calculation
The ice moves near
The center of my pain
I am now a male courtesan
With a secret contempt
For the revelation of the game
And the character is me
The heartbroken break hearts
An all-too-eager willingness
To polish youthful bodies
With the glow of centuries.

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