On Buddha’s Birthday


I let go of all purses
All errors, all formulations
To recharge myself with
Non-duality, I go back
To the frequency of nature
I will to turn transparent
A sexless equanimity
Where all thoughts are exhausted
In the no-mind of flower-bliss
That land where the supreme
Is my front and back door
There, from the Divine’s heart
I will not know others and their
Trials, but I will smile back at them
With light of the butterfly’s arrival
With the knowing smile of the flower opening
I let go of all sights and desires
All attempts to possess escape me
To recharge myself I unhinge myself
From all that is not pure, so what is then left?
Nature’s course will allow me to
Melt into the stars I’ve studied alone
I have been too lazy to be ambitious
I throw the bundle of twigs in the fireplace
All that was once my life, I retire it
To the croaking solitude of the hermit life
The moonlit nights of early spring
Will have room for me to stretch out my legs
I always craved the ultimate reality
Where Buddha died in Ananda.

Photography Credits: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Golden-hatching-dragon-372050473

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