I Clutch Tightly to the Blurring of You

In that erroneous age, the twenties
I had such ‘illusions’
I lived with love
And made only art
Hoping I would be able to eat tomorrow

I never averted my eyes
From rainbows and fountains
From women who seemed
In touch with a higher reality
Like a sweet heart

I buried my lips in the snow
Only to feel it melt in my spring
Then I turned thirty, and everything changed
I had only ‘poems’ to call my own

I lived alone
And made my heart
One with honeybees:
Honey looks different with age.

Selected Poem of Taiwan


The sunlight swears
Under her breath
Like sunspot flashes
That flicker against the sky
A tumult of faster than
The speed o flight

She returns her patch of little flowers
And cuts with diamonds
And her golden woozy smile
In the end, even the rocks below her
Will germinate, for she is fertile
Like the sandy beaches of a billion planets
The sunlight swears

Under her breath
A wet omen of things to come
Like ocean splashing
Thirst into the souls of creatures
That flowers there against the earths
A tumult of lightning faster

Than the growth of life
Between the sunlight and the tree-shadows
Your life passes like a falling branch
Softly ringing through the night
The forest is a dying place
A vivid film of your soul
Leaping in the moonlit filled wind.

Photography Credit: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Summer-sun-II-371942279