Thunderbolt Woman


You flash in my life
Like golden lightning singing
A thunder from a fiercer sun
That rides the afternoons
Impatient to germinate
Dormant for a while
You move into me
Like a theory of everything
Transpersonal in the sexual
The inner nature of union
Symbol of so many things
You flash in my life
Like a light from some distant corner
A companion of straight fields
And lines of roses with so strong a fragrance
I am nearly floored
You stand firm
Between my Heaven and Earth
Talented in translating
The festivity of the ancients.

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At the Persistence of Nature

The sky must have a gentle
Bosom of a mother
The river must be the sweet
Flute of a sister
Broad enough is the fresh blood
That time brings, like waves
Of grace and personalities
Even in the harshest months
Of defeat and friendship-poverty
I feel the trees gliding into the wind
The rock hitting the light
Each season breathing life
Never having asked to be born
Just like me, just like how I love!
You didn’t ask for an ungrateful husband
He just argued with you
Like a blue star out of place in the Cosmos.

Morning Breaker

Dawn breaks amid desperate acts
The cries of loneliness
Gone are the flowers of poetry

Survival beckons in love-making
The bohemian morning
At Nature’s lips

Her pussy lips fall into place
Before the sun’s large eyes
Cries glory on the bed

Morning, like an upturned gem
Smiling out the door
Someone whispers goodbye to me

My heart is firm with reverence
For the woman who let me into her bed
Slow is the drip of hope

Safe is the faith of loving
Like a hunger and a satiety
That always returns to the same bowl.

Search for an Olive Tree

Do not ask where I come from
I am from the heart of all people
In the distant place is my hometown
Where everybody comes from
I have loved

Why roam about needlessly?
Love and a simple life are enough for me
As birds flying in the sky
As moon lingering in any century
Do not ask where I come from
I follow the footsteps

Of my deepest nature
I am from the heart of all people
Sharing the languages of body and culture
Where everybody is the same
I have loved
For the olive tree is the dream
The dream is the symbol
For so many special things.

Hunting Athena

I’ve listened to you
Like the sound of
A window opening
At the apex of Spring

I smelled your fragrances
Like your body that craved to be touched
I’ve listened for your whispers
Like the sound of the Sea

There are dunes where your
Breasts begin, and your nipples finish
I drive the boat of dreams
I listen for the sound of your

Quiet and faster breathing
I carried your longing in my loins
To capture the heart of your claim
To make art, in small beginnings

To summon the roar of summer
You took me into your bed
With the clamour of our hearts
We made old music, begin again

I’ve listened to you
Like a harp of ancient times
Night is growing a storm’s touch
In your embrace, at midnight.