Advice from Creation

That strange flower, the sun
Just gave me word that
The world that I know is an illusion
She descended in robes of purple
To tell me in the loneliest air
That I am the listener of time

I watch it like a dance of a few leaves
Like a metaphor of giving reality
Its purpose, informing singularity
That strange flower, the sun
Gave me lessons in probability
The speed of light, fictive music

Most near, most clear exuberance
Heat, the clearest of blooms
The flame and swan-song that separates summers
From each other, like silver sprinkles
Of a few hundred dawns
That strange flower, the sun
Told me our imperfections were wrought
By common thoughts, and repeated actions.

3 thoughts on “Advice from Creation

      • It paints such a strong picture, so a very good opening verse. Last verse wraps it so nicely too. In particular I am very passionate about how the world we live in, the current system and governance/world leaders create the illusion that we live in. If only we could free ourselves from linear time… and structures only built to prosper the few. Einstein who said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Is right on the money here.
        It’s poetry, so that’s what I got from this piece. It made me ponder. Thanks for sharing.

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