Ode to a Taiwanese Summer


Finally standing before you
I won’t confer titles or drop labels
But I know, you bestow grace
In little incidents, that service
Is blinking in my chest
As for me, a simple man
That wants a love to last a lifetime
I want to pass down the years
With one capital heart of love
Finally standing before you
Since you turned up unexpectedly
I had been preparing a path for you
When began one sunny day
We hadn’t yet found a common vocabulary
But you dreamt of me last night
Preparing me for monogamy
And the endless summer quickly came to us
Finally standing before you
You are a hidden orchid in my rib-cage
A thick concealed rose on a high hill
A floating fragrance of your beautiful subtle song
Light knots in nights without you.

Photography Credit: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/The-Wild-Rose-Fairy-373240628

9 thoughts on “Ode to a Taiwanese Summer

      • Ah its the best, although to be honest i went to an international school at the time and didn’t learn mandarin. Its been some of my best memories the people are really nice and welcoming

      • Yeah I love the people from the little I’ve known of them! They are so sweet and their sense of humour is highly hilarious!

  1. I really like this poem. It makes you wonder if you are actually writing about Taiwan or falling in love with a woman. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my haiku “How.”

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