Taiwanese Summer, Part II

You are my satin luxury
My wreathed world of delightful foods
The world’s exterior beauty
Lives in your heart like the wind’s passage
I feel your living virtues
Fuel of better futures, taller tales

I revere all things beautiful
The inner wealth where comfort is derived
the Spring Blossom of green-tea hope!
The health that love multiplies
A purity of mind when safety intervenes
We do not drink along now, but in the meeting room

Of one life to another, one flock coming together
You are my June of deeper shades
I feel that you could reach my depths
That I am a bit more shriveled every year
Who cares, it’s deep emotion that I live for

The Tea Temple of soul and beauty
Where good spirits congregate
The happy lament of a colossal poem
Clean, pure, lucid and strong
You are my living treasure of a thousand years.

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