Conference of the Beloved


Out of infinity, I have built
Petals of love, it’s boldness
To shower you with them
My blood sings of tiger-shadows
Pulsing with your caramel-tongue kisses
Very merciful are these nights
* * *
Of kissing with certainty
Like a refuge at the heart of life
Out of eternity, I have built
Petals of love, it’s my eyes that instigate
The fish-swimming-up-river dance
Of my spine inching through you
* * *
I’ve taken no vow, but I belong to you now
The sun of my days empties itself
In your water, by your spirit
The sand is marble and the path is diamond
Out of obscurity, I have found you
Petals of love, it’s green-hearing
* * *
To listen to your mandarin tutoring
You tutor me in so many ways
That I have become reckless in my loving
With cries of fields of your womanhood!
There are birds at daybreak from your bed
Sometimes they wake me, last night I slept deeply
* * *
My poems are like your photographs
I try to remember each detail
Out of unity, I have built
Petals of love, are the childhish hearts of our laughter
We laugh in unison, like nature and star-light
I rejoice to shower petals on you
* * *
How many kisses can I spill
Under the crazy clap of your dizzy wings?
Into a tapestry of our Athenian holiday
The white garlands of Fujian you carried
Taiwan, where plains and mountain people unite
Out of surrender, I have built
* * *
Petals of love, with an affable stranger
Foreigner, who take to bed philosophies
How the sun explodes lion-colored
In our hearts like virgins and gods
Once and for all, relinquishing control, abandoning fear
Out of the nest of time, I have built
* * *
Petals of love, with kisses of delphic joys
Like living a prophecy of pomegranate thirst
I am living the verse of your revelations
Out of convergence, I attain liberation
In golden eye-contact, in dimensions of eyes
A pinch of lime, Soya-sauce and Dijon mustard
* * *
Stains our lips, on the stolen watch of May buds
I nightly nibble at your servitude, and rest
A mystic color of my heart at rest in you
I enter you with a lover’s crooked eloquence
To find you have consumed the strangest honey
You show me the nine-steps to healthy chi
* * *
Out of time, I have been summoned by a Beloved
To the fragrance of sky-skin, ribs of ruby
Your touch my face with half-shut awakening
A ginger-fire dream of unremembered dream-symbols
I suck the buds of your May-body blossoms
Leaning all my available light across your core
* * *
The sunlight begins to dry on your glowing mornings
You come to me with whispers of Yizhou
Ancient providence joins me in your gaze
Aboriginal, Japanese, Mainland, Spanish, Polynesian-Philippino, Dutch
Out of infinity, I have built these arms for you
This simple love to adorn you with touches
* * *
Petals of love, at the conference of the Beloved
How badly I wish to be part of your Team
That every now and again, I am too amazed to speak
Or share the golden onions of your creations
With a dozen different Japanese sauces.

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