Homage to Repressed Poetic Virgins


I wanted to affirm life
In a poem, set life in silent offering
A hundred times, pushing the boat
Into beauty, across the water
Dawn, a crayon summer living
On the edge of literature
And love, these comforting moons

I wanted to begin again in wayside streams
Shout out the alphabets of my
Flaming salute of joy, smile
As if I had waited an entire lifetime
To truly know how to smile
Darling, you gave me the yearning stillness
That allowed me to write again

And I was more of a poet, than a dreamer
Because of you, I wanted to optimize
The way I experience the little things
In a forbidden dance in a never-ending night
Where every day was another
Hour of my life, the extraordinary discovery
Of myself in others, loveliness spelled

Out in infinite variety, in caresses
That penciled the soft outlines of the Earth
I wanted to affirm life
Once and for all, in your hips
Your womb the star-foam of all
I had ever wanted, the swaying plentitude
Of the ripe trance of writing and loving

They were like breathing to my tragic poetic side
I wanted to give life to the repressed virgins
And read them their own poetry
Of femininity, while licking the quatrains
Off of their daring free-verse
It was to be a festive summer
Love would soon blot out

The adventure that I had planned
I wanted to affirm writing an empty verse
From all the lessons I never learned
How fleeting was the poetry
Of my brief life, a few pleasurable summers.

Photography Credit: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Desire-374379673

The Last Green Kiss

I am kissing the rain as it pours
As when it rains, it pours
And kissing is the best sport
Of pale green, and your lips
I kiss for spring and lime love

To hide your grief, by the lucid
Law of your radiance
In the slender outline of the drizzle
We kiss some more in our honeymoon
Of first meeting, we made love

Six times today, we count the kisses
More than a hundred times per I entered you
I smiled every time and we laughed
In the stricken sunlight of a summer love
I am kissing your body for ancient times

As when I love, I celebrate marvelously
I blink for Taiwan wrapped in your hands
I loved the skin of Mandarin idioms
You taught me to love foreigners
Strange Goddesses from another realm

I am kissing the rain as it pours
As when it rains, it pours
And kissing is the best sport
And happiness is more humane
Than the mouth of cruel words

I kiss for your blossoming health
In the fraternity of your young heart
I feel the prophets touch me in your gaze
I write for the green grass, that always comes again
I am kissing you with my last love

All questions and ambiguities I let go
As a hummingbird’s fiercely gentle touch
We are the architects of shared happiness
A civil flower of mutual acquisition
You bring me more fortune than all other women
From the beautiful colored bones of your soul.

To My Love on Tuesday

Innocent as a flower
Naive as the Spring wind
Self-indulgent is our kiss
As the flow of my goodbye wishes
Clear-eyed, I cried by your eyes

Happy tears of warm finitude
The glow of poets and dancers
We talk and laugh, make-love
This is life in her comic element
Innocent as a rose

Naive as the Summer whisper
Sundays pressed against my daily calm
Layers and layers of sunlight
Like kissing the glints rosily
Slants of light that have an easy life

Innocent as a new bud
Naive as our friend, Tuesday
It is Tuesday today, and we are in love
Why you – my heart and savior
Innocent as the gifts so little understood

Naive as a life without enemies
I grow in so much kindness
A grin of victory in the white sunlight.