To My Love on Tuesday

Innocent as a flower
Naive as the Spring wind
Self-indulgent is our kiss
As the flow of my goodbye wishes
Clear-eyed, I cried by your eyes

Happy tears of warm finitude
The glow of poets and dancers
We talk and laugh, make-love
This is life in her comic element
Innocent as a rose

Naive as the Summer whisper
Sundays pressed against my daily calm
Layers and layers of sunlight
Like kissing the glints rosily
Slants of light that have an easy life

Innocent as a new bud
Naive as our friend, Tuesday
It is Tuesday today, and we are in love
Why you – my heart and savior
Innocent as the gifts so little understood

Naive as a life without enemies
I grow in so much kindness
A grin of victory in the white sunlight.

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