Your Soul, My Soul

I’ve heard you have one
Deep down, really deep down
Do you know how it feels
When your spirit talks to you?

When the world conspires
To force you into depths
That you never heard of or
Believed beyond your patterns

Among the many material objects
There were many more important things
When we are sure of nothing
God help me if I don’t have a soul

Something to give me a measure
Of grace under pressure, childlike innocence
An amazing grasp on wonder and purity
I’ve felt the faith of my inner being

Like a tickle of synchronicity
In two percent of my weary days
We have a soul sometimes
Something by which to sing about!

Joyful in the greatest suffering
Willing to swallow any tragedy
With a curious detachment of glee
Childlike in its ability to transcend
The most chiding and bitter failure.

The Soul

We have a soul sometimes
Nobody’s going to stop it
It cannot be, taken away
It may not be respected
But it’s our call, our spirit

To show or hide away
Day after day
Year after year
We’ve kept it in the fire
Hid it, slept without it, lost it

To a more material fate
The many duties that were
Conditioned on us by our society
But it’s warm, and comes back
It will settle being ignored a while

Before we most willingly go back to it
For we are impoverished without it
We have a soul sometimes
People don’t always reveal it
Sometimes they even mask it

Stifle it, dominate us, rape us
But our soul is our lightning-verse
It’s our quantum magnet
The uphill tasks must listen
Though we so rarely hear

Good sense, or her gentle awakening
Luminous and a runaway
Our soul has lifetimes to glow and grow
Nobody’s going to stop it in the end.

Since our Names are Completely Ordinary

It’s good you came
I was about to lose my sense
Of interpersonal identification
You are only as lucky
As the people around you

Well so they came to see me
And I had gifts for them
And they used me all too altruistically
But I cannot get furious
At those I loved, and maybe I wish

For friendship too easily
It’s good you came
I was about to lose hope in humanity
Secluding myself with cats
And my memories of emotional intensity

You are only as lovable
As the one special person says you are
Well so I came to see you
Whispering the cherished lines:
I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you

It’s about time you let somebody like me
Into your life, I’ll watch you in the kitchen
For a lifetime and come running
Into your arms, it’s never too late
It’s good you invited me

Thank you for having me
You are the first person in a long while
Who knew how to make me feel special
I want to be significant again
And I’ll give you my everything
Flowers, poems, chocolate, my heart.


Consolation, you are nothing
That ends unhappily
You are the last resort
When all paths have been tried
After divorce, after bankruptcy

You know dear, I would say it again:
Thank you, I’m sorry, forgive me, I love you
If anything like true friendship turns up
I’ll have to remind myself
Of the days I felt suicide was my best option

Consolation, are you a person?
Or are you a state of being, perceiving, loving?
You are my new wonder
Of the curiosity of a thousand lives
The Sadhana, at the great core of it all

Consolation, do not laugh at my bad breath
When I have yet the world to give
I may be an impoverished fool
But I have a good heart, I mean well.

Your Olden Conscience Melted in my Arms


May the God in you
Forgive herself, like gentle rain
Across the many forgotten memories
We choose not the thresholds
Of our dearest lessons, only

The afterwards of shared stories
Dialogues with our soul
They ripple in our conversations
Reminding me that we are so fragile
All in characteristic vulnerability

Succumbs to the vision of wholeness
That would have been a life with you near
My friend, you opened up my soul like a wild flower
And I am filled with incredible gratitude
That some force of the world

Brought you near again
May the Goddess in you
Forgive himself, like quiet sunshine

My future is my past, and you challenged
Me to be myself in an entirely new way
I love you, thank you, forgive me, I’m sorry.

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Dreams of Perfect Human Infrastructures

My craft is loving
I have no finer skill
My education is the pursuit
Of divinity, in others
Women are the jewels of my life

My riches are your kisses
I have no other truer purpose
In a split second the dream
Has always been about this –
There is no supply, no digging, no architecture

Finer than the pursuit of your salt
The sustenance of your skin
And the beauty of your mind
I am ashamed of my unworthiness
My only poetry is loving

I know no finer art
My education is meagre
Compared to your human interest
Without directors, plans, execution
Or daring, or capability, or capital

I must learn how to be your lover
Not for your body, but for your greater fortune
Unlike circus acrobats, wizards, hypnotists
Professors, counsellors speaking unknown tongues
I must find the refined comedy

Of your inner most workings
And solve the puzzle of the years
Complement your choices of heart
Your tastes for freedom and rebellion
My craft of dreams has been spent

On idle moments of adoration
My sacred in the mundane is you
Bare and simple, fleeting or forever.
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The End and the Beginning

After every year, there is a war
Between the past and the future
I feel it when you look at me

As if to recapture the secret
Of how the years were lost!
Someone has to clean up

All this love we left
We left it in the dark
Till another season rose

And another candidate
Someone who can straighten us up
When the time is right, arrives and appears

After every year, this is a love-affair
That brings us back
From the despair of hoping
We would never find love again.

Nothing Twice

Nothing ever does happen twice
You and I were meant to be
At a certain time and place
In consequence, the sorry fact is

We live without closure
We only hope and attempt
The love that banishes our time
Into oblivion, like children

Nothing is perfect like we might imagine
If there ever was a dumb moment
In the choices we do make
Let us not make the same mistake twice

Nothing ever happens without a reason
You and I were meant to be
Maybe great loves, but not friends
That is something I’ve come to accept.

The Valley of Obviously


When I pronounce the word future
I know it’s your birthday
Everything is open and possible
Like, flowers beneath your feet

The only roads are those that
Offer serendipity, divine access
You were always one to walk
The sunlight path, so when I hear

You breathe in transcendent footsteps
I make an inner smile, for the tapas
The weight of proofs were never enough for you
When I pronounce the world your lover

I know it’s your birthday
The tree of valid harmony above you
It too, is raining flowers for tomorrow
And everyday will feel like this –

A dazzling understanding, straight and simple
From the verity of your strange art of heart
When I pronounce the word creativity
I know it’s your birthday

A vaster vista, a garden of deeper love
Waits for you in the gentle now.

Whispers of Ming-Ming


Some people flee their obstacles
In the hospitality of some other people
It is fair, it is right, it is good

Like the three oddest words:
“I’m sorry, I forgive you, thank you, I love you”
They leave behind some of their everything

In the little moments with others
It is fair, it is wholesome, it is the last
Of the first steps towards self-knowing:

I’m sorry, I forgive you, thank you, I love you
At the end, when I pronounce the word nothing
Others will be learning to love, like I was once

Some people will find themselves
In the hospitality of some other people
I do not know, if it is easy this way

Or simply the only natural way, they whisper:
I’m sorry, I forgive you, thank you, I love you
That’s what you said, in flawless Mandarin.