Dreams of Perfect Human Infrastructures

My craft is loving
I have no finer skill
My education is the pursuit
Of divinity, in others
Women are the jewels of my life

My riches are your kisses
I have no other truer purpose
In a split second the dream
Has always been about this –
There is no supply, no digging, no architecture

Finer than the pursuit of your salt
The sustenance of your skin
And the beauty of your mind
I am ashamed of my unworthiness
My only poetry is loving

I know no finer art
My education is meagre
Compared to your human interest
Without directors, plans, execution
Or daring, or capability, or capital

I must learn how to be your lover
Not for your body, but for your greater fortune
Unlike circus acrobats, wizards, hypnotists
Professors, counsellors speaking unknown tongues
I must find the refined comedy

Of your inner most workings
And solve the puzzle of the years
Complement your choices of heart
Your tastes for freedom and rebellion
My craft of dreams has been spent

On idle moments of adoration
My sacred in the mundane is you
Bare and simple, fleeting or forever.
Photography Credits: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Paris-Je-t-aime-375216345

8 thoughts on “Dreams of Perfect Human Infrastructures

    • That’s a beautiful thing to say, you have made me feel comfortable here blogging. Perhaps one day I shall meet someone willing to make these verses into cards, I do not know….nor have i ever been published.

      • The world is missing out. Sometimes, cards or books are very helpful for people that have difficulty expressing themselves – when they are unable to voice their own thoughts, your work could help with that. That’s what I believe in any case. Blessings

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