The Soul

We have a soul sometimes
Nobody’s going to stop it
It cannot be, taken away
It may not be respected
But it’s our call, our spirit

To show or hide away
Day after day
Year after year
We’ve kept it in the fire
Hid it, slept without it, lost it

To a more material fate
The many duties that were
Conditioned on us by our society
But it’s warm, and comes back
It will settle being ignored a while

Before we most willingly go back to it
For we are impoverished without it
We have a soul sometimes
People don’t always reveal it
Sometimes they even mask it

Stifle it, dominate us, rape us
But our soul is our lightning-verse
It’s our quantum magnet
The uphill tasks must listen
Though we so rarely hear

Good sense, or her gentle awakening
Luminous and a runaway
Our soul has lifetimes to glow and grow
Nobody’s going to stop it in the end.

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