Sighs for Autumn Rain like Armageddon


When Autumn comes, the grasses
Will rot and die, like memories of haunted love
Gone wrong, like so many things in history
The past remains a dead closet of dreams
The stems of feathers too must die
Like the enchanted glowing of our hearts

That once were, now countless flowers bloom
Letting go to the colors at their cores
Their nectar and sap will not be studied
By scholars, only lovers in the present
The cold wind will moan on your white hairs

And I will breathe in that damp fragrance
Warming you with a kiss, if we still remain together
Ceaseless is the melody that distinguishes our lives
When Autumn comes, China’s silken quilt will be torn
America will stand in the rubble of its own demise

The standing grain, maybe it won’t sprout as always
We will go to the market like an impoverished farmer
But happiness will be locked behind iron gates
Our wallets will be seized by corporate thieves
We will not think of revolution then, that is for the young

We will attempt to live in harmony with the times
The rustling rain will hasten the early cold
When Autumn comes, maybe we will stand alone again
While children blithely rush through wind and rain
While geese fly hard and high with their wet wings
Will you still come to me in the lantern-lit night?

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To the Women of our Ancestry’s Heroic Age

The cities are falling
Only the hills and rivers will remain
What will happen to all these men?
Spring will overtake the streets
With green, toppling old empires
The letter from home may
Never reach you, it’s not worth any
Gold, but the last attempt
To tell you I loved you
That I would never be coming home
You listened for me in the bird songs
Sorrowing over the times

The flowers wept gently
Nothing can stop the advent of Spring
The caress of Summer
Life is a calligraphy beyond regret
It surpasses even our old kingdoms
The names of gold and currency
Are like paintings in the wind
Old economies will die, like floating clouds
But love will ascend her frequency
And remain, like nature’s Emperor-praise
That is why I cannot do without you
That is why I will always hold you dear

Even if the end of the world comes
Still you will survive in the new world
Because you are that which
All civilizations are built upon.

A Woman of Quality

A woman of quality teaches you Mandarin
She takes refuge in you like
A forsaken valley, she builds there, serves there
To create a good family
She brings fortune, like heartlands that
Side with Heaven’s authority
The world will not turn against her
For her virtues insure success
She has endurance, and a heart of lamp-flames
She sheds light on any situation
A woman of quality teaches children
The ways of the compassionate world
Beyond beauty and rivalry, she empathizes
With the high mountains, the clear spring water
Her tears reach golden lowlands
Like a forsaken widow, or divorced lady
Her smile is the last saving grace
She knows the rumor of pearls, of working hard
She picks flowers and covers berries
In the sleeves of bamboo monuments
And makes a legend out of your life
Hers is the myth that will never die.

When Will I Be Able to Return

In late sun, the rivers and hills are beautiful
The fields talk of spring until summer arrives
Naked and lucid, like the blessed realms
The breeze behind your regard
Begs for sunset colors and the fragrances of flowers
The mud of our lives has thawed
As the river’s blue has a perfect touch of white
In the eyes of the soul grows riches
Beyond the daring suffering of our times
The Earth is magnificent and free
Unlike the slavish acts of men
I’ve watched the spring pass away
In another’s cheek, life has her own rhythms
I was always too young to discover them.

The Boys and Girls Have Gone to Fetch the Wine

We’ve lived our lives, been waiting without knowing
We’ve been dreaming before we knew how to love
Oh what an evening is this evening
Of the soul and of finding another
That could live so easily with us
Together in the light of this one sweet lamp
The last light of our beloved witness
With eyes shinning for many glad tomorrows
You tell me you say see me tomorrow and goodnight
I wait for you, like a diamond falling form the sky
Your exclamation has stirred my heart
Into a natural calm of dazed happiness
I am stuck with the beloved of all belovedness
We’ve lived our lives, been hoping without faith
Last time we parted, you didn’t know I would die
But I came back in another form, do you remember me?
Oh what a lifetime is this lifetime
Of the soul and of finding another
That could easily be the one for us forever.

Little Forgotten Kingdoms Beneath the Stars

I’ll meet you once in a lifetime
Where even the stars cannot meet!
What day is it? You say I seem like a dream
By candlelight, we kiss again
As if for the first time, dear
I’ll meet you once in a lifetime
That is not too many or too few times
How can youth race like it has before?
When we were meant to be together
Where even the stars cannot shine
What day is it? Time to still be together
Forever, by the divine luck of our fates
I’m surprised and joyful, how friends
Can stay together across the distant years
What day it is? You say we only met a few weeks ago
I’ll meet you once in a lifetime
And I’ll never let you go, until the roses
Themselves grow dim by the moonlight
After a long absence of love, you broke through
My great solitude, and I found you familiar
And as tender, as nobody I had ever met
What day is it? That we smile and laugh
Our way to the Heavenly kingdom
That is the crown of Earth, that you are
You have been the one person for me
I’ll meet you once in a lifetime
I waited for you through a few dozen years.

June 3rd, 2013