With Thy Light & Thunder


Every moment with you
Is the greatest indulgence
A moment of afterwards held on

With inches of magic in the works
Thy face fills me with richest keeping
That I would murmur ‘keeping’

To the ends of the world
Now it is time to sit quiet talking
Finishing your sentences, though
We do not speak the same language
How can this be? I overflow with leisure
And hope to be near you again, soon

In desperate hope I go to where
I know you will be, in the corner of your room
I shall find your golden canopy

Of thoughts that whisper into midnight evenings
I shall lift your eager eyes that I may
Kiss you into a deepest fullness

And dip my empty life into your allness-universe
These times are of the shower of mercy
These times are the face of a lost life burst into song.

Photography Credits: Calvin Wu, illustrator: https://www.facebook.com/CalvinWu.Illustration

3 thoughts on “With Thy Light & Thunder

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