Last Unknown Road

This is thy holy hour, O Soul
The flight from endless words
To wordless bliss of aliens
And lessons done with peace

Night, sleep and stars
For your clear midnight
The roads unknown have led here
An impromptu faith of minutes

That led to some crimson divinity
Some heart-beat of God in everything
This is thy holy hour, O Soul
The deepest black of light

The crowd that formed of Beloveds
A unity of generations of people
Like lit moving candles in water
The light that was always the same

From the same star, for the unique evolution
Of all we were and did in these states
In this body of hope, a dim-lit creativity.

Muses Beyond Measure


It is the Muses
Who have caused me
To love you beyond trials
In rituals so young and ancient

I am honoured to feel your craft
Of womanhood and friendship
I take my lyre to the boat
To the edge of the docks

And speak to the ocean
Of the tortoise shell of old
It is the Muses
Who weep in me, speaking instrument

I have become heavenly like music
I have no complaint since
Prosperity reaches us
Each in our specific ways

I may die of with delusions
But I won’t ever truly die
Since beauty of spirit offers
Stars with a signature more lovely

It is the Muses
Who are roundest with silver
In the blooms of Earth
Who have caused me
To be awed by her perennial splendor.

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Words of Friendship


Only they are only breath
These words come from my source
My brief light of granted heart

The spoken commands of my immortality
With wings and feet that move
Rhythmically, and tenderly

I dance for a crushing altar of love
A circle of soft understanding
A smooth flowering grass

Of the best little breaths I ever had
These words come from the universe
Before they were mothers without children

Devoted to friends, these words sing on
After we are all gone, so be it
It’s not of use to fret of acts that were never had

I nearly died for imaginary things before
Only they are only breath
These words that dangle carelessly

Across the shooting distance of quick years
My dreams they fold at least in purple
A handkerchief around your timid gifts
I was sent to you to give you companionship.

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