I Hear the Mad Woman Singing Old Hymns


Dark Friend, what can I say?
That Krishna is with me to the end
This love I bring
In suffering I heeded not a normal life
Seeing the elegant body of the Supreme
I am ravished
Courted by spiritual messengers
My brain sings the old Sanskrit hymns
The perennial feelings
Well up teardrops of surrender
I blaze across mystic silence
I am stamped by lifetime after lifetime
Like a virgin to God
Like an infant to Nature
I visit the courtyard
Where we first met
From distant lifetimes that are ancient
Today will too one day be ancient
Dark Friend, what can I say?
That I do not fear death.

Photography Credits: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Lord-Krishna-63336117

Chew Slowly


To myself, the one
Beloved who I have become one with
Chew slowly
Live without regard
For the opinion of others
For in myself
I’d rather eat miracles
To be unified, to love
Beauty, to thrill with purity
To myself, the one
Isn’t so far away, to live simply
Without demand, to give
Daily to the brotherhood of Man
Chew slowly
The time as it flies
For dessert is always love
Higher love, diviner lover
Freedom as the food of the next world
Chew slowly, through the crowds
These faces just like yourself
All emanations of the one
Chew slowly, do not
Strive to make others like yourself
But strive rather to learn more from them.

Photography Credits: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/candy-of-the-cellars-376134050

After Quakers


I speak of love that comes to mind
A perfect care of community
An Eastern Ballad on the west coast
Of dreams and the New World
I don’t care what happens to my body

It’s my ideals come to life
That matters to me most
The small actions of my friends
And the creativity art of my work
When I die, there will be no ashes

Only the spirit of chance visiting
Satchitananda, surrender and most important
Lovers that cross the new centuries
Of mysticism pressed into new eyes
Where harbors the light of Roses of God

That require no dogma in order to bloom
Nephews of the future, intimate with
The trust of years of happy meditation
Sunlit faces of a supramental optimism.

Photography Credits: http://astridle.deviantart.com/art/Complicity-376210786

Satisfied with the Fortune of Love


In the stillness of the night
I have been the place where
Wisdom stood visiting

Tranquil, serene, as doves in flight
I have cried with my spirit
Invisibly open to the higher laws

In the stillness of the night
I have waited for the soft voice of truth
Deliciously young, formidably ancient

Who am I, Wisdom, and how come
Desires of delight are so temporary?
My spirit envelops my growing heart

The many books of unity are to me living people
I have seen their eyes twinkle with
The special shimmer of traveling souls

We all kiss death rejoicing in the moment
For we know not how long the moment will last
In the stillness of the social day

I was reborn by the voice of human creatures
They welcomed me and I held their hands
Like tracing memories of days that chanted littleness.

Photography Credits: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Hands-ten-fingers-disabled-III-376150003

Absence of Lost Lover Souls


I can scarcely leave you
I am crystalline for you
Trembling, with peace
My cells are in ceaseless wonder

Over your body of water
How could I have lived without you?
My love,

We have found each other
Like fire bites of lives where
We missed each other

Choosing wrong husbands
There was an absence
That left wounds in us

I can scarcely leave you
I am hungry with our blood-tie
Our souls leaving the world

With sweetness on our lips
Perhaps we shall die
Hours from each other

I can scarcely leave you
A minute alone, for it is all
Our selfish eternity of being together.

Photography Credits: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Amazing-smile-please-376291485

Your Weight Settles in Me like Darkness


Every time I am next to you
I feel the inches between us
Like miles on the magnetic compass
You are the valley, I am the mountain

As if I’ve always watched you
But could never see into your depths
You tell me your secrets
Your gaze sharpens naked on mine
Restless for the pounce, to thread
Through shadows, you want me
To desire you, you tense that I follow you
My muscles shake as I stroll

Near the arch of your hips
My arousal invades your space
Of down turned eyes and that tear
At the stroke of a heart-beat

Every time I am near you
You feel the weight of my presence
Like an invisible thread connecting
My navel with yours, my manliness with
Your womb, some sundown fantasy
Of what makes attraction formidable
Every time I am near you
I must remember you already have a Master

There is an unspoken understanding
That we flush alone for each other.

Photography Credits: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Look-in-your-heart-376102764

You Oblige like Water


I have dove into you
Right out of heart-break
You say it hurts but that

The pleasure is more than the pain
You are my purple fantasy
In real color, my vibrant life

Passing before me like brush-strokes
Of unconditional thirst
My mouth smiles each night

I have dove into you
Your tongue on my ear
I become tuned from the inside

We tumble together as if under-water
My fingertips brush against your
Whimpering skin of fresh surrender

We warp our limbs around each other
So tightly it makes the world right
Just for a lucid moment of dream

I have dove into you
With stellar whispers of forever.

Photography Credits: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Relax-Under-Water-By-Fly10-d675l4u-376226152

Intensity Enflames Me


I am begging inside for the sight of you
What I cannot touch, overwhelms me
I have been snared by your modesty
The gleam in your eyes scolds me

For something I have yet to do
My power is being taken by your
Seduction of coiled hidden intensity
My hard memory of our secret talks

Gives me chills in many layers of my chest
My thoughts are reflections of your trembling
Your pleas are my limits of graceful union
Our pleasure is a portfolio of lucid instinct

A frenzy of the distance between language
You are wet for the unknown steamy union
Of my firm manipulation of your arousal
A drift and swirl you from the inside

Drenched in the salty sweat of our synchronized fluidity
An aroma of citrus and lime, fragrant femininity
Washed by the ripples of your aquamarine yearning.

Photography Credit: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/cathi-28-376103370

Only to Hear you Cry for Mercy


Your lips flood me with first feelings
A cool breeze to our hot summer
To abandon uncertainties in you
Like the first kiss of the wind-flower

Your shy smile is slippery to my heart
I want to probe your inches & secrets
The hot quickening breath of awakened desire
To drink the wine of forbidden lusts

Then intoxicated will I move
Around your fresh foreign body
And slip between the resting places
In a kama-sutra of spring-summer romance

Your lips remind me of why I am young
Begging for an erotic ceremony
Between my fiery body and your open flower
The juices run clean down the stem

Like sap from the most feverish nectar
Your womb the resting place of dreams
Hunger has revealed itself in your moist places
You arch your body to meet my ecstasy

In the comfort of new shared skin
I stroke your glowing bottom-body
A slow rhythm of perfect entanglement
Each giving each other the foreign substance

Of material delight, I lose control in you
Forcing my way to your ember-bliss
I crush you with my weight and thrusts
That you might feel the Earth press above you

You are my heaven-flower in full bloom
A womanhood of beloved proportions.

Photography Credits: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/clic-376109803