Only to Hear you Cry for Mercy


Your lips flood me with first feelings
A cool breeze to our hot summer
To abandon uncertainties in you
Like the first kiss of the wind-flower

Your shy smile is slippery to my heart
I want to probe your inches & secrets
The hot quickening breath of awakened desire
To drink the wine of forbidden lusts

Then intoxicated will I move
Around your fresh foreign body
And slip between the resting places
In a kama-sutra of spring-summer romance

Your lips remind me of why I am young
Begging for an erotic ceremony
Between my fiery body and your open flower
The juices run clean down the stem

Like sap from the most feverish nectar
Your womb the resting place of dreams
Hunger has revealed itself in your moist places
You arch your body to meet my ecstasy

In the comfort of new shared skin
I stroke your glowing bottom-body
A slow rhythm of perfect entanglement
Each giving each other the foreign substance

Of material delight, I lose control in you
Forcing my way to your ember-bliss
I crush you with my weight and thrusts
That you might feel the Earth press above you

You are my heaven-flower in full bloom
A womanhood of beloved proportions.

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10 thoughts on “Only to Hear you Cry for Mercy

  1. Wow – that’s one way of putting it! Amazing imagery and depth..very sexy…can I say that I wish my bottom looked like hers or does that make me really shallow? 😉

      • I am just a simple soft and cute lady – what can I say? 😉 Great thing about this blogging thing is that you get directly introduced to genres that you would not usually dabble offers up a cocktail of words..great for opening the mind a little further than normal…

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