Your Weight Settles in Me like Darkness


Every time I am next to you
I feel the inches between us
Like miles on the magnetic compass
You are the valley, I am the mountain

As if I’ve always watched you
But could never see into your depths
You tell me your secrets
Your gaze sharpens naked on mine
Restless for the pounce, to thread
Through shadows, you want me
To desire you, you tense that I follow you
My muscles shake as I stroll

Near the arch of your hips
My arousal invades your space
Of down turned eyes and that tear
At the stroke of a heart-beat

Every time I am near you
You feel the weight of my presence
Like an invisible thread connecting
My navel with yours, my manliness with
Your womb, some sundown fantasy
Of what makes attraction formidable
Every time I am near you
I must remember you already have a Master

There is an unspoken understanding
That we flush alone for each other.

Photography Credits:

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