The Kerouac Summer


It’s the eternal summer
I stretch out on the shore
And think of you
On the coasts of seas
I have been a fish, I have been a shell
And I followed centuries to this

It’s the last summer –
And all I have is you
The low yellow moon
Above the lamplit house
Fields that spilled with Haiku
And dreams won over by the Tao

It’s the eternal summer now
After birth, death, self-dialogue
I stretch out on the shore
Of reincarnated beauty, transcendental love.

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I Walk a Secret Way


I lived my days apart
And I cared for those that lived apart
For I knew the dreaming of solitude
The songs of God, which quickly

Were delivered by laughing angels
I knew how delusions could crowd
the glory of the heart
We all needed friends

To keep us whole, grounded, unified
Covered with the tyranny of strife
We met those days, with
Illness flashing in our brain

Neurotransmitters outnumbered hours
I lived my days apart
A mystic soldier of my private art
I knew the fury that smites the air

Of music that runs igniting clay
Neuron to spirit, grief in my brain
I wanted to hold the world in my arms.

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Interview With Tenderness


My own dear love
She’s a chime of gold
With laughter rinsing in her words
And darting goodness for the world

She has compassionate feet
That tread to light candles
For good causes, she is a love song
At the end of the road

With the grace of wood
And the sweetness of June
Her friends are sunlit with smiles
She’s of the dear-loved world

My own beloved has a jubilant flag unfurled
Of what it means to be patriotic
With idioms of high culture
She carries dreams and ignites pathways
She is the heart that cannot shrink
The single light of living buds.

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Like Morning Realizations

I’ve got to tell you
There are morning moments when
How I realize I have loved you always
More than the essential nutrients
More than the sunlight
You are in my heart and mouth
Like burning juice
Like noiseless snow
I miss you always
In my little moments
Between “play” and “work”
I’ve got to tell you
I can never truly weep again
While you are here in my life
The clouds of loneliness
Have been washed away
And every thought is like a flute-ring
And every step is through blossoms
There are flowers next to me
When I wake up to your kiss
Last night the stars were not
As numerous as today
I have grown into a beloved passenger
Where love is home
I beg you to stay here
In a crossword puzzle lifetime
Of loving more than life itself.

Dreaming Mercy

These dreams they lied to us
In our youth, but reality was a worse dream
With worse opportunities for growth
We survived without dreaming, finally
Growing old, it was to be
The end of youth, our words of hope
We stored in others
Before a place, as eyes turned away
We dream the most simple things
In our youth, that come like thunder
So much beauty in people and books
That little by little we turn
Our illusions into white blooms that drift
As petals down the river of time
Because dreaming was how we lived
Because dreaming was how we loved
We had artful minds till the day we died
In a way I suppose, we were always young.

A Fatal Impress

If we will be what we could be
Do not say, that you are not my chosen way
I glide to you with ‘might have beens’
Stuck under my tongue in sweet-agony

We will do what we could do
Do not say that dreaming is not proper
I have been lost in heights
Of mortal climbs hid in subjectivity

If I could my own truth pervert
It would be to know you my friend
For a while longer, for a while deeper
If we will be what we could be

All summer long, I would woo you with
The blithe flattery of laughing light good-byes
That are but fair and tender, but the listening
Of the lonesome day that flew away
When you left my city lonely again.

Exploring Joyful Names

Suddenly, from all this green around me
I am curious about friends of friends
Like the rain in Summer, it falls
My experiences are limited

So much solitude translates
Into so much social request later on
Like an ancient portrait of thrilling
Over the architecture of new souls

So cautious, so hidden in palaces of June
I have not the powers to remain introverted
These are weeks to betray my silence
All these faded tapestries will no doubt be

But the memories of faces, and photographs
So do not tell me these are not landscapes of love
These are the beginnings of our new lives
Do not say among the flowers, that you are forbidden.

June 7th, 2013.