Portals of Consciousness


Only themeslves understand themselves
Only him and her, and him and her
And then some, not, wholly unknown
The mystery calms
The perfect understanding of souls

Not in visions pure
But in worldly experience
In poets to come, in mystic orators
Singers of the dawns, musicians of the heart

Only themselves understand themselves
What is she is she, and him is him
And then some, only in love
By grace ascended, athletic in unity

The mystery claims us all
The perfect understanding of souls
If only but to advance for a moment
Before decline, indicative that

The future is listening
In casual looks of children-minds
What are those of the known
But portals to enter the unknown
For him and her, and her and him
Them, us and prophetically all.

June 12th, 2013

Photography Courtesy: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/wisp-of-air-376623054

A Glimpse

A glimpse incessant caught
In specks of divinity
White and driving around sunsets
Naked in the thin air of morning
A glimpse of incandescent snow
The long mile of sailor’s foam
The beach of birthplaces calm
Intergalactic light shrill and warm
A glimpse of matter, speaking little
But telling all, telling more
Seating in himself a God
In an unmarked corner of the soul.

June Night

Oh Earth, starry home, goodnight
It’s too dear to-night to say goodbye
The floating rainy fragrance
Sips the night’s open sky
I say goodnight, then before tomorrow
Hits and opens, with a deep voice
For another sunny young June-day
Oh Earth, cloudy returns, goodnight
I love you, oh what have I
To give you in return –
Low moon, full moon bodied after-all
It’s too dear to-night to say goodnight
The floating love of my life hangs
Sipping an open sky tonight
That I might say ‘goodbye’
Coming home to bed you June Night.

Of Things we Might call the Touch of Spring


My mind is filled with Spring’s torrents
I bear it all again, like love
Or grief, budding maple boughs

Awake me from my mood
The first clean air, the sweet-smelling rain
O’ I am but a rock in a rising river

Pushed like a flood
Washed like a cry of the waters
Am I spring or me, I cannot tell

I am night and fog, I am veiled
Like drowsy light on my path
Where my footsteps dim and pearled
I come to the trance of empty streets
Why so hushed in morning before mirrored lights?
Glimmer and shake, here is majesty

I follow the current of beauty
And my throat knows it is not enough
That I should ache, and I should praise

Why am I crying so after love?
Instinct’s wonder and surprise
Has me caught again

I bear it all again, like love
Or gratitude, unsatisfied from above
I was not made to be satisfied

I was not made to be forever young
Spring is thus so quiet, spice and still
My head in white and topaz

Gets chills in the misty green
That aeons cannot fix
The stately dome of heaven

Inside of me, part witness, part doer
Beneath my restless stars
The cosmos pours into my gaping spring.

Photography Courtesy: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/make-a-wish-377449262

This Too Shall Change


This too will pass
Dreams of my heart linger
Nothing stays for long
I have been a child

Amidst the deep solace of song
If that should ever leave me
Call me no longer young
That too will pass

And I will be reborn
After death, rain, memory
After the most beloved parting
I will find you everywhere

And awake in the night for you alone
She too will pass
Or I shall lay down my nights
In shafts of fire to follow you

With a child in your womb
Winged are thus my last desires
The alchemy of spring
Is not forever, love too shall pass

As yellow daisies in the rain
My heart has been the most lovely cup
To carry and hold; flower, pain and leaf
Easy to behold, and easy to call

Upon the gleeful wine, the living gold
That your laughter changes
All my grief in an alchemy of timeless joy.

Photography Courtesy: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Dandelion-377468128

A Heart to Add Wholeness


Oh, there are eyes that can rejoice
And a heart to add to wholeness
That laughs as a lover only can
These bare breast that do pound
This skin that does cry
Oh, there are lips that rest here
How will hungry Time
Put by sunshine then?
Hour after hour uplifted so?
Oh I would live in you and me
Build myself lightly on a dream
And would my thoughts wrap
Your feelings bright, till we are
Lost in swimming stars
So should I lose myself
To love you my dear?

Photography Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Sunset-in-Leiden-377296974

Did You Always Keep

Did you always keep
Your love in the present?
How much you never lessened it
Fresh-hearted we were young

Our fate was to know
The love we kept like flying leaves
In the winds of destiny
Red with Autumn’s princess moments

Green with Spring’s princely body-contact
Did you always keep
Your love in the present?
Seldom did we miss the truth
I know all your secrets, my dear, my dear.

Love is Never Few Words Enough


It is not a word spoken
Love is never few words enough
It is an action from the heart
Without averted eyes
Nor a bend of the heart
But only a hush where
All is left, all sacrifice
All joy, too much to keep
That has memory for its gaze
And treasures unity in its sleep.

Photography Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Kingdom-Hearts-Time-Rift-Keyblade-377339650