The End of Liberty

I’ve loaded the devil into the Matrix
Waiting to sacrifice the patriots
To profit a few for National defense
A country no longer led by the people, for the people
I am Satan, the ruling elite
A steering committee of Bilderberg-esque influence
Ready to slaughter for Totalitarian control

I’ve stolen wealth from the poor
And hid it in golden bars
The fake quantum internet is ready for deployment
My hoax is an engineered “Obama-effect”
The Left and Right do not exist

I have CNN and Fox in my pockets
Snowden is an actor, everything is staged
I am Plutocracy, with satellites and drones
I am fear who flocks to war against terrorism

I create myths to brainwash a new generation
To serve my interests, I’ve downloaded the software
Of biometrics, I’ve tagged you all
I monitor your virtual movement, your thoughts
To comply to a system, a new world order
I’ve loaded the devil into the Matrix
It won’t be long now, it’s a conspiracy that you have free-will.

12 thoughts on “The End of Liberty

  1. I’ve read a few failed attempts at people trying to express clearly their thoughts on this subject.., this.., this THING that corrupts our minds and keeps us turning like cogs in the propaganda machine but your piece is very well put together. I’m a fan of this; it could be sung, rapped or just read. Equally I think the message is clear and flows smooth. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thanks, well considering I did not put much thought into it, I’m glad it reads lucid.

      I’m torn on the subject matter though, since I believe technology in our societies is a good thing, I just see a lot of abuse currently.

  2. Very intelligently written piece on some aspects of our current state. The last two lines man- they really bring this piece home in a strong way.
    I’ve loaded the devil into the Matrix
    It won’t be long now, it’s a conspiracy that you have free-will.

  3. Hi Wuji! Just popped by to check out your blog after you followed mine Thanks for that). Saw this poem and loved it so much I have reblogged it (hope you don’t mind – perhaps I should’ve asked first?) It fits with what I’ve been trying to say.

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