Like an Ancient Gesture

Love is a state of mind
The ancient secrets of curiosity
That when a heart is young
There is no shredding or fading
That Rose, which sips

From eternal fountains dear –
Never in the world shall I lose my trust!
Oh, me, to be invaded by the Sun
And all that is green and raw and new
Love is a state of mind

To be young and green and open
As a bright flower to the smiling day
I choose once again the sunlight path
To my fate I make the ancient gesture
Of delight suddenly burst into tears

Of the gifts and weaving of a day
A day that was our life, who of us cried?
For the acceptance of a joyous life?
Love is a state of mind
There is simply nothing else worthwhile to do

That when a heart is young
She finds a way to love eternally
Since love is a beautiful energy
And the giver receives so much gratitude.

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To the Beauty in Everything


We are wild as the storm
Our fates were restless as the Spring
Until we met, we found
Mountain songs in everything

Generous like nature
We are free as the sky
Our fates were wide open meadows
Until we met, we found

Flying birds with outstretched wings
Bubbling laughter in ancient Mandarin
My life became an open Lotus
Murmuring about the tide
In everything, it must have been your secret

Vision spirit-tiger, your hidden grace
That lifted my life to warbling singing roaring
It was to be my drunk summer throng
Of wishes, of seven lifetime fates Beloved

We are wild as the storm
Our fates were the harmony of the Beyond
Until we met, jilted by fate
We renewed our vows to
The beauty in everything. Photography Courtesy: