Advent of the World Government


The collapse of credibility was engineered
One by one the Great powers fell, governments
Dethroned by protesters, the people enacting
The will of the Illuminati powers

The media became a kind of fiction
Like old plots from science fiction movies
Come true, it was all an absurd script
Everything was ‘leaked’ and pawned

The secret architecture of the new world was in place
Governments are slave-unions to the Elite
Presidents are faces for corrupt intentional designs
Don’t think Governments end the world
Smaller populations are more easily controlled
World Wars profit the few, this is the repeated tyranny
Corporate feudalism, Free-market sham, American Dream
The new Totalitarian state is a global system

The bankers have been preparing for this
They plan to murder, genocide the useless drones
With new drones, engineered bloodless massacres
The final famine will be the culmination of a plan
The world will burn for the greed of the powerful
And the populace shall believe the World Government is good
And rebellion will be a crime, free-will will be monitored
The machine will be a massive propaganda

We are already serfs in their subversive Sovereignty
Divide and conquer, they will feign different parties
But it has always been a United Nations old-boys club
The history and advent of new empires is always brutal.

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11 thoughts on “Advent of the World Government

      • Hehe true! It’s like you are reading my mind and converting my thoughts to prose.
        It really feels like we are plugged into the same channel, gestalt, one mind, whatever it is?
        Tell me, do you sing or make music?

  1. Reblogged this on thepoliticalvagina and commented:
    This reblogging biso is getting to be a bit of a habit lately but he’s saying the words I would say to eloquently, so here I go once again.

  2. Well written Wuji, you aptly expressed exactly what is happening. But never lose hope, for all that you have written of was forecast about 2,000 years ago! And if you what to know how it all ends, read the last book of the Bible (preferably the New King James version. Love conquers all – and the Greek word for unconditional and boundless love, Agape describes our God who will triumph over all this evil!

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