Light Relates to Us as Distant Offspring playing


All night we were dreamers
Of the light of the moon, our shared dream
It was by the right of body
That we felt the dead words: “We loved”
And I could never trust enough
It came as if, too easily to me

I heard the testimonies of Earth
As if the touch of silverware
On our finger tips, for the last meal
With the chop sticks of the
Meal of the happiness of a lifetime
All night we were dreamers
And I rushed to miss you
As if my night is attached to the fish-mouth-nipple
Of the weeping after all we have fled

You tell me to not remember the past
All night we’re together and I think
“This is it”, there are no sticky feelings left
Only the dreaming of lifetimes
That flee in earnest for new suns
To speak a new language to your body
And make a substance older than light
Out of our Eleventh hour together.

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Foreign Woman

In a foreign country
Love comes easier, like the history
Of new beginnings, it’s an essential
Ecstasy of loving necessarily
You lie with her in the grass
Of the blooming days at the start of Summer

In a foreign country
Between yells, groans and laughter
You follow your heart into:
“Love is a serious matter”
And that’s where it all begins
At the entrance of the froth of tourists

Holding hands in public as if for the first time
The stars are still drunk with audiovisual love
Love in one clean room
Takes years to breathe out in good living
Compressed like minutes of sleep
Time melts faster with love’s tranquilizing

In the mouth of the excited world
We are getting older, translating nature’s mercy
Into parachutes of bliss and sanctuary.

Letters I tore open as our bodies melted together


I gave you love gifts
Kisses for your earlobes
I gilded the time where our palms met
Like the fragrance of clean summer air

I gave you all my time
Where hung the many shinning things
In my chest’s forgotten depths
You have enabled me to truly live

A few days, weeks, months
You gave me open letters of silver
(As it is written in the Song of Songs)
I have been cherished by you

And I have covered your skin
With the fabric of my beloved touch
And kissed you into sleep’s happy melody
I gave you love gifts

All over your delicate body
And I hung my life’s passion on you
Without needing a religion or language
But love’s oldest embrace
The last passage to Oneness.

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I Spoke in Praise of your Mortal Hips


I stroked your hair, after the hundredth kiss
These kisses were desert over the pillow
A cheese-cake stamp of time stopped

Or she shot ahead in letters of your name
I touched your mouth, for the quiet year
Of no longer looking, listening

For the prophecy of your dreams
It hurt to sleep away from you
I touched your hand, which you never felt
But with the fingers of water, we laughed
We talked again all night, for another night
I loomed over your soul, like a lantern

With butterfly wings and glad melody
In the middle of your full eyes
I found a part of myself I had left

From previous lives, the forget-me-nots
Of spiritual centuries glued and tightening
Of the great loves we left ourselves on the long journey
I touched you with the world falling asleep
And I didn’t care, that I Would be late for bed.

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The Room Was tipsy with your voice


If with a bitter mouth, you will speak
Speak with an open heart
For salty tears of a lost life
That which grows sweeter
The closer you get to destiny

The lips of the sweetest milk
And I will say to you it was
Written in the book of time
And I read yours of coming nights
In the plurality of your most solitary hours

I came for you with savage verses
If with crying eyes you transcend memory
I will spare you dreams, of dreaming
Of the love we found together
And it is also written, that we shall change

In the proud departure from our
Respective exiles, longest nights
That seem to pass like the rich evidence
Of what of the sweetest taste we have found.

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I am a universe of dust
Adrift in this vast sea
fall into who’s mind by accidentally
how much no longer want to leave

I am a universe of dust
A state negligible
became to who’s favorite by accidentally
how much want to believe eternal existence

for What
let me meet such kind of you
let me do not doubt myself
let me no longer afraid of losing
In this vast sea of people
I do not want to become transparent

I am a universe of dust
Adrift in this vast sea
If you are my inevitable presence
how much no longer want to leave
i am a dust of universe

Returning from the Hard City of Civilization

From the green lushness of the hidden
Language between us
That not time or dialect can separate
I return to you, my last holy city

Where I am called upon to dance
The mountains while the world crumbles
For I have a piece of paper
With your name on it, somewhere

In my heart, like a chance patriot
Of a country I used to call ‘love’
It’s vaster than these yearning words
It’s sweeter than these torn mattresses

Returning to Eden, I am no longer alone
But I live and die for another’s embrace
She calls my name in a foreign tongue
And I know that I have returned home

A straight same place of light and comfort
‘Return to the same place at eleven tomorrow night’
Thy will is done in me, in my service
Of all the yearning of my beloved belonging.