I Spoke in Praise of your Mortal Hips


I stroked your hair, after the hundredth kiss
These kisses were desert over the pillow
A cheese-cake stamp of time stopped

Or she shot ahead in letters of your name
I touched your mouth, for the quiet year
Of no longer looking, listening

For the prophecy of your dreams
It hurt to sleep away from you
I touched your hand, which you never felt
But with the fingers of water, we laughed
We talked again all night, for another night
I loomed over your soul, like a lantern

With butterfly wings and glad melody
In the middle of your full eyes
I found a part of myself I had left

From previous lives, the forget-me-nots
Of spiritual centuries glued and tightening
Of the great loves we left ourselves on the long journey
I touched you with the world falling asleep
And I didn’t care, that I Would be late for bed.

Photography Courtesy: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/0440-380099860

7 thoughts on “I Spoke in Praise of your Mortal Hips

  1. It is so nice to know there are men with hearts like yours. It makes the bitterness of mine melt. I am happy for your love and the love you are inspired to feel because of her. One day…I will have a man or woman than loves me likes this because this is proof that love exists. If this were a fairy tale, I would shrug it off. But this is poetry. Thank you for sharing your heart with the world and being a source of healing to those of us who need to be open to this.

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