The Last Flight


The bhakti path never ends
Its tenderness watches over you
The ego disappears in surrender
Like it always has, immersed in the other

The mystical ‘other’ who is always there
In a universe of leaping up to
Divine water, ethereal light
The joy of looking for the Beloved
In common matter, the fish of time
I know you are ready for the last flight
The spectacle of the world was difficult to find
The Swan will fly away all alone

Back into the Divine, when our life
Span is complete, who shall know
If we are any wiser, any more tender?
The messengers of fate will say

What they will say, and we shall go
According to our doing, our attributes
We are disciples of nature, god, evolution
Who are we to say if we are united or estranged
The bhakti path never ends
It stretches on into lifetimes in various forms
Who are we to hope for birth or enlightenment
The Beloved steers us where we are meant to go.

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This Surplus of Us

You constituted the grace of time
An Eternity in brief moments sublime
A revelation at the power of ‘us’
Relative and absolute with

Only an idolatry of experience
That I unto Love adjust
A little help to further each Day
That delight would stand to see

My Heaven in your eyes
You said that I would feel ‘secrets’
Spoken even when we were silent
I suit Thee like the poetry of need
The timing of mercy, the looks that near.