Monument of our Entry into Summer


Our summer Monument had no form
It was our love at the end of July
Not four-sided or stiff, but with soul
For the two-thirds against the sky

Our summer Monument held our lives
It was our hope, at August’s narrow start
The view is geared, the care is destined
To come home to a beloved ornament

Over the edge of boxes, like change
Dances the perspective of another gain
Now can you see the monument?
Transparent but with long petals of tenderness?

I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you
I cannot live without the topmost trust
That makes all sacrifice seem the most natural thing.

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Of Earths


O’ life the sun exceeds a billion Suns
To light up the starry space
I can count countless constellations
A tyranny of life, in a grain of sand

A Universe this long & complete
A trillion voices of Life’s mystery
The sameness of a million worlds may be
The destiny of the ascended species

O’ life, enough of war and petty pursuits
Such magnitudes as this oppresses my mind
That delight in knowledge never finds
A limit to the limitless cooperation

Of as many Gods counted as extinctions
Our earth a blessed green-round carnivore
Solved in golden rain and proud expansion’s mirth.

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Before you thought of learning


Before he comes we weigh the Love!
‘Tis our soul that was bourne here
Prevailing biology with spirit’s nuance
The weight of our evolving spark

Be mine the doom of allotted tragedy
Sufficient comfort for our little gains
And rewards for our brief trust
To perish is never the end

We are stewards banished
In the odors & geometry of experience
Who is to say what is bad or good
Before our life is spent in

Forced flame or sweet impotence
Before spring surprises in her suddenness
Let us flow with independent hues
To discern the Beloved’s intervals
The superior joys of the serapheric self.

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Pure Being


In the great attendance of relived lives
I felt no karma in the crowd, only experience
The long restricted dissolving star
Solemn & sweet, with our individual doom

Not extinction in my belly, but love
Creation exhibiting herself in me
All multitudes were finite
And separate consciousness was

A likely myth, with duplicates at every point
Life was a vital privilege, sour or whole;
I am atoms and issues of grace
Photons and quantum comparisons

Every minute I attend to the facts
That all I am will be taken away
A circumstance of breath, water, light
The Universe never owed me anything
And ultimately, I gave only what I could.

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Bring those kisses back again
That are sealed with love for
Many a spring day, summer twilight
Bring those lips that shine of golden fruit

Bringwell, God knows we are meant
To rejoice a little, to heat up the frozen life
Of body going numb, and mind at rest
Where our bodies do join in honour and marriage

Bring, these and those kisses right here
That are sealed with garlands of love
Scents, roses, sapphires – let me comfort you
With flair, subtly, passionately – with hungry eyes

That dance the death of night so sweetly – too sweetly
Bring those kisses back again
For more, O’ my love for -evermore
Bring those lips that shine on, the holy rounds

Of health and ancient receptacles sugary
As in a vault of love, all cuddled up
For many a hundred years have I waited for thee.

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Hot Months are Good for Love

Love whose months are
Budded May, Racing June, Glorious July!
Ever do the hours lack the days!
For life and leisure, love and lust!
All unseen passages lead to thee –
Playing as would a game
With blossoms, between the rain
For a hand that swears, and a heart
That heaves, I could imagine a year
Where love is the sweet priority
Joy-bringer and life creator
Love whose months are ever
Budded May, Racing June, Hot July!
Who can deny the Goddess of love
Some mortal worship, some mortal love
For things more Divine will always be there
Universal and waiting for us, through
The many lives we lead, I would lend
Some youth for velvet winds and eyes
That beckon, for the roses of thy cheeks
Love whose months have spring-summer songs.

The Quality of Love as the Mercy of a Season

O mistress mine, these are the years
Of staying and hearing, loving & teaching
I can feel you both high and low
The journey’s end of love-in-meeting
A present’s laughter for my ever-after
What’s to come is still as of yet, unsure

But certain is the sweet and forty
Of our romance, come here and kiss me
Youth’s a stuff that still endures
That can sing both English and Mandarin
With a quality of mercy to our tender strains
Twice blest with bounty, and blessedness

The throne that is the love of finding itself
O mistress mine, it’s too soon to call this
The season of justice, but by earthly powers
This is a mighty summer of blooming and crowning
Upon the place that is my heart, I take you
And hold you close and call you ‘princess’

And attribute our love a bit to ‘good karma’
Yours, perhaps not particularly mine.

Water is Taught by Thirst, Light by Darkness


When light is put away
We grovel for a bit of light
When love is put to rest in dust
We dream of her infinity

But I’ve witnessed many goodbyes
And met many a passing neighbor
We are souls on a road
In evenings of the brain

When light is hid from us
Do not look at what the Moon discloses
But wait for the hour of the Sun
That comes without trying

Darkness and light do not step straight
But by a strange formula
Reveal themselves for our health
When it is our time to love or die
We shall know it, and not fear

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“There is no frigate like a book
to take us lands away” – Emily Dickinson


There is no reverie like a book
No dream like a religion
To take us lands away
Prancing into the make-believe

There is no reverie like a world
Shared by only a few
That oppresses many, by select
Random and most inopportune

There is no right or wrong in inequality
Nature bears not a human soul
No good or evil in hierarchy
Only rules to play a meaningless game

There is no reverie but society
Social norms of the zeightgeist if you please
No dream like politics
To let a few outrank us by decree

Civilization is a long oppression
There is no falsehood like history
Art whose use is only temporary
Thus all of man is mostly make-believe

Though they pretend to be most important
How frugal is the chariot of the human soul
That takes so little from open life to barren life
Where does it go? What does she learn?

There is no reverie like an evolution
That cannot be seen, cannot be touched
No dream like a God
Who never shows a power, or a face.

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Starlit Hour


This is the hour O Soul
Thy free flight into silence
Wordless bliss of non-duality
Apex of Oneness with all forms
This is the day O Soul
To reach into mysticism like never before

Thy inner sight into omniscience
The day erased of personality
The lessons done, the emerging
Identity of loving all equally
This is the week O Soul
Thy quantum array of transparency

Each cell and atom a divine release
Into the energy of uniform unity
This is the year O Soul
To wake the tenderest art
The meditation without goals
And the prayer without rewards

To freedom from attachment strive
Without striving, all is peace
The last surrender of all plans
The internal life of satchitananda’s poise
This is the hour O Soul
To wordless bliss and loving servitude

Identity of oneness always active
This is the Brahma-lifetime O Spirit
The sweet transcendence of non-identity.

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These Quick Lasting Shared Truths


Beloved, these days thread the light
I saw no footprints in the air
When you came like a Mandarin prescience
The dust glowed gold, the silence turned
From the dear round earth to our starry home

Looking backwards upon time’s faint glows
Beloved, that love as strong as death
Could retrieve us from our life-breath
To give thee a forehead saving kiss
In the upper hand second half of our life
To witness all the marvels hung
And arrive at some finality of endurance shared
Beloved, these hours are full of contentment
The moving spirit moves my tears to-night
For on the altar-stair of sacrifice

I dreamed of your eyes looking in my soul
I saw no footprints in the air
When you came like a Goddess with choir
The dust glowed gold, the silence spun
From the dear round earth to our bodies pure

Beloved, that love as strong as death
Could refer the cause – Beloved, it is thou
Who came nearest to enchanted joy, than anyone before.

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