Hot Months are Good for Love

Love whose months are
Budded May, Racing June, Glorious July!
Ever do the hours lack the days!
For life and leisure, love and lust!
All unseen passages lead to thee –
Playing as would a game
With blossoms, between the rain
For a hand that swears, and a heart
That heaves, I could imagine a year
Where love is the sweet priority
Joy-bringer and life creator
Love whose months are ever
Budded May, Racing June, Hot July!
Who can deny the Goddess of love
Some mortal worship, some mortal love
For things more Divine will always be there
Universal and waiting for us, through
The many lives we lead, I would lend
Some youth for velvet winds and eyes
That beckon, for the roses of thy cheeks
Love whose months have spring-summer songs.

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