Monument of our Entry into Summer


Our summer Monument had no form
It was our love at the end of July
Not four-sided or stiff, but with soul
For the two-thirds against the sky

Our summer Monument held our lives
It was our hope, at August’s narrow start
The view is geared, the care is destined
To come home to a beloved ornament

Over the edge of boxes, like change
Dances the perspective of another gain
Now can you see the monument?
Transparent but with long petals of tenderness?

I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you
I cannot live without the topmost trust
That makes all sacrifice seem the most natural thing.

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6 thoughts on “Monument of our Entry into Summer

  1. Superb!!!! Worthy of having its own book…just that one poem in the book!! I know that’s not a practical idea but it prompts me to ask, “Do you have a book of your own poetry already published? If not, do you plan to publish such a book anytime soon?”
    I would LOVE to purchase a copy!

      • If publishing your own book is something you would like to do, perhaps an e-book? Much less expensive than traditional books. Your work is too good to remain unknown to the world. No, I’m not a publisher…no way…just one who recognizes genius and thinks it should no be a candle hidden under a haystack.

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