Stories of Flowers


Flowers-Well-for everybody
I can share the suffering
Half a transport of trouble away

I’ve experienced everything
With which flowers humble men
I’ve found the fountain

Of the last Daises, first Orchids
Which upon the hillside of Time
Shall remain, for others to find them

Flowers with too much beauty
To every keep for long
With aesthetics superior to mine

Design more holy, in simplicity
I cannot tell the butterflies where to go
But I know Nature hath her algorithms

And that, there is a plan for me too
I shall let the common ecstasies
Define me, as I have understood

The journey traverses me through bliss
In landscapes human, natural and divine
Flowers-Well-like ideas, free for everybody.

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7 thoughts on “Stories of Flowers

  1. Just to let you know, your original premise is not quite true. Flowers are NOT for everyone. If I give you a flower, other than a VFW Buddy Poppy, it is because I am angry with you and wish you to know it.
    When I was growing up, my mother was allergic to flowers and all sorts of similar growing things (our Christmas tree had to wait until late evening on Christmas Eve to go up and was down by 10 AM on Christmas Morning at the latest) and my father had no sense of smell at all (I barely have one and it is annoying because I almost never know what I am smelling when I do smell something). Thus my learning as a child that flowers are to show anger, not love.

  2. Like the line ” flowers well-like ideas, free for everybody. ” says so much with so little. Keep the ideas blooming. Ideas bloom better than flowers in the dark. You just gave me an idea, thank you! Thank you for stopping by NoFiJazzCafe, Matt Scott. By way of wife Sharon.

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