A Breath in Snow


As I walk up the rise into the silence of snow
I bear witness to transparent snowflakes
The bright falling breaths of our shallow lives

The paper tissues that dabs the dips of fate
The snow is deaf and blue and white
It licks the oxygen from the brittle ground

Swishing your lips is your remedy
For that whistle in your hollow chest
Our body is a blanket of snow for winter

Our body has been all the seasons
Of water, stuttering down the miles
The swollen river of all nestled and snapping things

I suck air back into the spanking sea-breeze
Of the twisted motionless spitting paths of winter
A sky flipped open for our shared afternoons
With no scratchings, only the rustling of an emptied hope.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/snow-75022732

4 thoughts on “A Breath in Snow

  1. Love the line ‘the sky flipped over’ – like reading a story about seasons by looking above… Not living in a particularly snowy area I do sometimes wonder if the ‘look’ of a winter scene can be matched by the cold crispness of inhaled air – which you leave me with the sense of here. – AJC
    BTW – winters in northern NSW are barely frost-bitten and certainly benefit from the moderating influence of the ocean near the coast. I have only had to break out the flannelette pyjamas, hot water bottle and ugg boots for the coolest of evenings – and only because the kitchen floor has lino on it and it does get a bit cold underfoot last thing at night and again in the morning!

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