This is the poetry


This is the poetry of all my years
with the rhythm that drops like water molecules
and the tongue of holy fires
that shoots with the breath that never-stops

This is the poetry designed for rants
that elegantly convey the big-mouth chanting
of an oppression and growth
of a thousand preaching words of subjectivity

This is the poetry of freedom
it gets enchained in singularities
and skips over synchronicity for thrills
of divine flavors past Shakespeare

This is the poetry that dares to search
for new manners of the riddle of words
into the silence of the great canvas
of art always becoming more personal

This is the poetry of body shaking pride
the quick and childishly glib facade
of the imagination stretched as far as a new nation
that connects all philosophers and poets in time

chanting a single written phrase
This is the poetry from the universe of life
the experience that no sociology can comprehend
the dreaded degree of loving necessity

when I talk to myself in poetry I talk
through all the wild poetry of your eyes.

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12 thoughts on “This is the poetry

  1. Wuji, as much as a prolific writer and want-to-be poet I am, my love to read others as almost entirely began with you, and in brutal honesty I only read two of your posts before I had to comment. do you ever record, you ahve the elegance and frankness of Ginsberg, a style I love but for my own sanity cannot comprehend. if you do I want to hear it.

    • What a wonderful review Felix, we are all prolific hopefully! Alas, we have to find our own satiety in what we write (as the chances of being published these days feel unlikely). I do appreciate your heartfelt review.

      However, I too do not fully comprehend what I write.

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